This blog uses a so-called "Session cookie" for both frontend and backend. A visitor will receive a cookie with a unique ID, which is used on the server to store temporary session user data (i.e. login validity, user preferences). The session cookie can be used to store additional temporary data required for the normal function of this blog.

The following data can be stored by the blog (temporarily, invalidated after the server-configured timeout, usually in the range of hours):

  • HTTP browser referer when entering the blog
  • Unique author ID token
  • Possible content of a generated captcha image

The following data is stored in cookies:

  • PHP session ID
  • Display language
  • After commenting: Last name, E-Mail, URL, state of "Remember comments"

The anonymized IP addresses of users are utilized at these places:

  • Stored in database when referrer tracking is enabled (Statistics)
  • Stored for comments of a visitor and displayed within the E-Mail that is sent to moderators
  • Stored in logfile (if enabled) of the antispam plugin
  • Temporary Read-only access for checking referrers, logins, IP flooding

User input from visitors:

  • Comments (all comment metadata)
  • Referring URL when entering the blog